speargun and wetsuit repairs

Speargun and Wetsuit Repair & Service

Freedivers offers various services to keep you in the water this season, and beyond. We offer repairs and services at all our branches nationwide. Take your kit into a dealer or contact your nearest dealer for help and advice.

Things like spear sharpening, replacing mono (your main spear line to the gun) and checking seams and joins will keep you ahead with no disappointments! Top spearos check their kit regularly and bringĀ  home the fish!

Speargun repairs

  • Shorting barrels
  • Re plugging barrels
  • Fitment of reels
  • Fitment of new rubbers
  • Shortening of rubbers
  • Sharpening of spears
  • Setting of barbs
  • Fitting mono

Wetsuit repairs

  • Tailoring of existing wetsuits (making smaller)
  • Patching and repairs to stitching (lifetime warranty cover this!!)

Fin Repairs

  • Blade repairs
  • Permanent Blade Fitting

You name it, we do it !!!!!!

Speak to your nearest dealer today and get your kit in top shape before you dive.